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Joyce is the President of the NCGR Boston Chapter.  Information on Monthly Meetings @

Finding the Person in the Horoscope
Chart Interpretation & Planetary Cycles
Putting It All Together
5 weeks starting Monday, June 2, 2014
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Know a lot of astrology, but not sure how to go about accurately interpreting a chart?  Then this class is for you.

Sessions focus on translating the language of astrology into the language of life.  Here's what we'll cover:

(1) how a natal chart defines a person's character, upbringing, background, and personal potential.

(2) how to view the natal chart from the person's perspective rather than your own;

(3) how to translate astrological symbolism into areas of life--how we really live.

(4)  how to combine the meanings of transits, progressions, and solar arc to uncover what's likely to happen in a given period of time.

Whether you want to be a professional astrologer or you want to use astrology for your own personal use, this course will help you better understand yourself and others.

Cost $175

To register, send $50 deposit check or MC VISA # to Joyce Levine, 2353 Massachusetts Avenue, #91, Cambridge, Ma, 02140. If you have questions,
call 617-354-7075 or e-mail

JOYCE LEVINE has 30-years experience as an astrologer. She has been a certified professional by the American Federation of Astrologers since 1979 and is a certified consultant by NCGR , the Clerk of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and an Advisory Board Member of its Boston Chapter, and a past President of the New England Astrological Association.  Joyce is an internationally known author, teacher, lecturer, and consultant in the fields of astrology and visualization.




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