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Joyce is the President of the NCGR Boston Chapter.  Information on Monthly Meetings @

Finding the Person in the Horoscope
Chart Interpretation & Planetary Cycles
Putting It All Together
5 weeks starting Tuesday, November 4, 2014
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Know a lot of astrology, but not sure how to go about accurately interpreting a chart?  Then this class is for you.

Sessions focus on translating the language of astrology into the language of life.  Here's what we'll cover:

(1) how a natal chart defines a person's character, upbringing, background, and personal potential.

(2) how to view the natal chart from the person's perspective rather than your own;

(3) how to translate astrological symbolism into areas of life--how we really live.

(4)  how to combine the meanings of transits, progressions, and solar arc to uncover what's likely to happen in a given period of time.

Whether you want to be a professional astrologer or you want to use astrology for your own personal use, this course will help you better understand yourself and others.

Cost $175

To register, send $50 deposit check or MC VISA # to Joyce Levine, 2353 Massachusetts Avenue, #91, Cambridge, Ma, 02140. If you have questions,
call 617-354-7075 or e-mail

JOYCE LEVINE has 30-years experience as an astrologer. She has been a certified professional by the American Federation of Astrologers since 1979 and is a certified consultant by NCGR , the Clerk of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and an Advisory Board Member of its Boston Chapter, and a past President of the New England Astrological Association.  Joyce is an internationally known author, teacher, lecturer, and consultant in the fields of astrology and visualization.

Reach for the Stars:  The Basics of Astrology
Sunday, February 8, 2015, 12:15 – 4:30 pm
Theosophical Society, Arlington

If you've never studied astrology before, this workshop will teach you the basics.  If you've been studying for awhile, this workshop will provide a review and deepen your understanding of the basics.  Planets, signs, houses, and aspects will be covered.  Discover why Aries, Taurus, etc. see life differently.  Recognizing these differences helps you improve your life by gaining a better understanding yourself and others.

     Provide their date, time, and place of birth and your charts will be calculated for the class so that you can use it as a learning tool. This fun, interactive course will include lecture, group participation, and plenty of time for questions.


Great Lakes Astrology Conference
April 9-13, 2015

Predictive Techniques: An Overlooked Key

Accurate predictions require the integration of transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs. The birth chart is frequently overlooked. Each person’s birth chart defines life’s possibilities and likely responses to particular planetary energies. Examples show how to combine solar arcs, secondary progressions, and transits with an understanding of what the birth chart promises.

Keynote Talk - Neptune & Pluto Cycles – What's Going on in the World

Transits of Neptune and Pluto reflect long-term social, cultural, and economic trends. World events unfold as these planets change signs and form aspects to other planets. This talk looks at history to see the correlations, looks at current times, and looks forward to what’s likely to happen.

Overcoming Astro/Psychological Obstacles

The astrological chart shows the sum total of a person’s life potential. Problems stem from incompatible needs as defined by the planets, signs, and houses and aspects. This talk shows how to identify conflicting astro/psychological needs and provides practical insights as to how to overcome them.

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