Joyce Levine "Writes Astrology" with surgical precision

"With nonchalance, Joyce blithely will take on the most challenging current event. She makes it understandable – even expected – from an astrological view point. This is uncanny. She's got a knack for lending clarity to chaos. According to Joyce, it arises from a deep understanding, and appreciation, of astrology cycles." M.Mancini, 2006

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Sex Scandal & July 2019 Lunar Eclipse

NSA - Amash - Conyer Amendment
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Edward Snowden & the NSA
Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Invalidation of Defense of Marriage Act
Follow Up Egyptian Arab Spring October 2011
Egyptian Revolt-2011
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Tom DeLay's Been Lucky, Until Now
George Bush Astrology & the United States Astrology Chart
Astrology & The Political Landscape

An Astrological Look at Watergate & President Richard Nixon's Downfall
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Mel Gibson Shows His True Colors
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Sex Scandal & July 2019 Lunar Eclipse

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde July 2012
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Florida Shootings and Cultural Change
Jupiter in Scorpio - Sex ScandalParis Attack 2017
Pluto in Capricorn - A Look Back and a Look Ahead
Uranus - Pluto Cycles - History Never Exactly Repeats Itself, But Rather It Rhymes
Neptune in Pisces
Predictions for 2009
Neptune & Pluto in Social, Economic and Cultural Trends 
2007 World Series - Red Sox - Rockies
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"How To Say I Love You – Astrologically"
We typically give love the way we want to receive it without considering how our lover may define love ... and how that may differ from our own definition.
When it comes to love, the sign Venus falls in takes precedence over the Sun sign. Not sure in what sign your Venus or your special someone's Venus falls? The AstroAnalysis Report will tell you this and more. Read more about Astrology & Love

"Up until now Tom DeLay has been pretty lucky in his life"
With Jupiter Rising in Scorpio conjunct the Moon in a grand trine (the most favorable aspect possible) with Saturn in Leo and Mars and Mercury in Pisces, and the Sun in Aries trine Pluto, DeLay started out in life with a considerable advantage. Read how Tom DeLay's astrological aspects have changed dramatically.

"There's no guarantee that our mind works in a logical way"Mercury is the planet that represents thinking and communicating. While the planet, Mercury, rules logic, reasoning, objectivity, and the ability to discriminate as well as thinking, there's no guarantee that each of our mind's works in a logical or reasonable way. More about Mercury

"The coming year should prove an interesting one for Mel Gibson"Very likely, his arrest last summer will continue to hurt Mel Gibson where it counts – in his reputation, popularity, public standing, career projects, and bank account. Read more about this astrological prediction, based on Mel Gibson's current astrology cycles.